Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Mom's Granola is the S*#t!

My FB friend, Clarissa, posted a really delicious-looking granola recipe late last week, and it got me thinking about one of my FAVORITE foods as a little lady.  My mother, a nutritionist, used to cook for us all the time - breakfast, lunch dinner - everything was homemade.  One of my most beloved meals was her homemade granola.  I very distinctly remember the smell of the kitchen when she'd cook it, and I can remember the taste like it was yesterday.  To me, this is what food is all about: it's a complete sensory experience that elicits memories.  In case you can't tell, I'm all about enjoying my food in the off season.

Inspired by Clarissa's post, I emailed my mom and said, "Yo, woman!!  I need your granola recipe!" (yes, I really talk to my mom like that).  She sent it to me the next day and I could NOT wait to make a batch.  It turned out amazing, and I have been eating it with blueberries and dried cherries for breakfast, or in greek yogurt for a healthy snack.  It has lots of seeds in it, and would classify more as a fat than a carb, so I use it accordingly.  It's heaven.  From my mom's kitchen to yours,  I hope you enjoy it!

Mama P's Homemade Granola
3c          Oats (I used quick oats)
1 1/2c     Wheat Germ...unsweetened
1/2c        Dry Milk Powder...skim..(I used Carnation - I had to really dig for this in the grocery store)
1c           Raw slivered almonds
1c           Unsweetened Coconut
1c           Unsalted Sunflower Seeds...raw
1/2c        Sesame Seeds
Mix together in a bowl. Heat 1/2c vegetable oil with 1/2c honey just until blended. Combine with the oat mixture. Spread onto a sheet pan Toast for 15 minutes at 300 degrees. Stir a few times during toasting so that the mixture does not clump or you will have a BIG granola bar (which isn't a bad thing - you can easily make granola bars out of this recipe)
All the ingredients in a bowl


Breakfast.....had this with a protein shake

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