Saturday, May 28, 2011

Get Your Head Out of Your Ass and Enjoy Your Weekend

Summertime.  That word is synonymous with ice cold beer, burgers and dogs on the grill, the beach, and good times with friends.  For those of us who are not quite in prep mode yet, I hope you're living a little this Memorial Day weekend.  If you're not, I may have to slap you around a little bit.

Part of the reason for my unplanned extended off season was my fear of eating "off plan" in an off season.  I'm a VERY rational and logical thinker, and the more I started thinking about this, the more I started questioning if competing was for me.  WHY was I so afraid to not have my 120g of chicken and 120g of sweet potatoes for dinner instead of going out for sushi on a whim with friends?  Why was I terrified to go away for a weekend and not pack any food?  I should NOT have those fears and I should NOT live my life like that, IMO.  Life is just that - life.  It's meant to be enjoyed, shared, and lived to its fullest.  The meals I've been cooking for myself are perfectly healthy, they're just not technically "on plan," and that's OK.  I've discovered that you can maintain your physique by eating "normally" as a competitor.  And, truthfully, I'm so happy to have made that discovery.  Because now, my chicken and sweet potatoes are saved STRICTLY for when I'm prepping.  I will see them soon enough!

So, this weekend I am going to Topsail with Jim, and this will be the first summer in 2 years where I haven't brought all my food and my food scale to the beach.  I'll go grocery shopping when I get there and get some fresh fruit, maybe some Greek yogurt, veggies for salads, whole wheat pasta, and a whole mess of fish and meat to grill with the boys!!  I will weigh nothing, measure nothing, and cook to my heart's content, and I will feel zero guilt over it.  I may even have a Sweet 16 doughnut or 2 (or 10 - seriously, Hostess, you need to sponsor my ass).  I will have a fantastic time enjoying my weekend with my wonderful boyfriend, dog, and friends, and I will not feel guilty for my food choices.  Because I shouldn't.  Because I'm living my life.  I define myself as a daughter, sister, girlfriend, mother to sweet Trotter: NOT as a figure competitor.

So, for those of you not prepping, go on and enjoy your weekends, eat at that BBQ you're going to, drink some adult beverages, and act like my good friend the Honey Badger: don't give a shit!!  For those of you who are 8 weeks out or for you. 


  1. I am one week post comp and I ENJOYED the crap out of a family BBQ yesterday! :) Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Good for you! You deserve it!